Deciduous teeth or milk teeth start developing during the embryonic stage and then begun to erupt about 6 months after birth. There are typically 20 primary teeth including 10 upper and 10 lower teeth. Most of these teeth erupt by the time the child is about 2½ years old and finally begun to start falling out when the child is around 6years old. With time these deciduous teeth are gradually replaced by the 32 permanent adult teeth.


Pediatric care involves oral health care of infant, children and adolescents upto the age of 14 years.

The pediatric procedures include:

  • Full mouth assessment for any intra oral anomalies
  • Fluoride and pit and fissure sealant application to prevent formation of dental caries.
  • Interception of habits like mouth breathing, thumb sucking, lip biting etc with the help of habit breaking appliances.
  • Root canal treatment of milk teeth (pulpectomy) with crown placement.
  • Obturators for cleft lip and palate patients
  • Preventive orthodontics like clips and myotrainers to correct misaligned teeth.
  • Management of traumatic fractures to the teeth
  • Management of cysts, tumors associated with jaws of children
  • Fabrication of space maintainers which are appliances that are used to maintain space or regain minor amounts of space lost, so as to guide the unerupted tooth into a proper position in the arch.


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