A tooth comprises of three layers; enamel, dentin and pulp. When the pulp is exposed to the outer atmosphere either due to decay or an injury, tremendous pain can be experienced by the patient. This is when a Root Canal Treatment is advised to save the affected tooth.

Root canal material involves removal of pulp and its replacement with artificial materials such as guttapurcha. At this stage, the pain subsides completely and the patient is able to chew properly, but the tooth may not withstand stronger chewing forces, hence a crown is placed over the tooth to prevent fracture of the tooth.

If adequate amount of sound tooth tissue is not present to retain a crown, a post is cemented into a prepared root canal, which retains a core restoration that further retains the final crown.

The services include:

  • If anaesthesia is given, consumption of food should be avoided until the numbness wears out in a few hours.
  • The temporary filling sets in an hour, so care should be taken not to disturb the setting of the temporary restoration during this time.
  • If medications are prescribed, they should be taken by the clock to ensure their effectiveness.
root canal treatment